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September 6th, 2007 at 02:36 pm

[My First Entry x3!!]

I have already done my school shopping, but I have some "coupons" for free stuff like a locker mirror and calculator. It's free because of the website:
It's like a raffle for a free prize everyday and you just go to the website, make an account and just pray that you will win something. It's a sweepstakes too. For kids.

So far I got:
free pens (4 pack, really good ones.)
free music download (1)
and today
free locker mirror
free calculator
two free pencil sharpeners

So anyways. First day of school, and I realized there was a Staples on my route home. Got in, and I was SO GLAD I did my early school shopping because the prices were STEEP. I was only interested in the 5 cent pencil sharpeners, so I took two, one for my brother and myself.

When I went to the cashier, by the stroke of luck, I got my pencil sharpeners and my prizes for FREE. Yes I know 11 cents isn't much but I like free stuff.

I asked the cashier if I was supposed to be paying for my pencil sharpeners and she didn't know either. The manager explained that the coupon was valued at $1.40 for the calc. The calc was $1.30. There was the ten cents that went into my pencil sharpeners. No taxes either!

So total:
Mirror + $3.99
Calc + $1.30
(2) Sharpeners + $0.10
Coupon for Mirror: -3.99
Coupon for Calc: -1.40

=DD Oh and, the cashier was also surprised herself. She made a comment: "Don't you just love Staples?" I smiled and was a happy camper. Today was my first day of school also, I'm glad it turned to be great other than my blistered feet.

2 Responses to “Staples”

  1. marjorie Says:

    Nice idea for a website, but I can't enter as I'm over 20.

  2. Amber Says:

    That is nice, I am too old as well Frown

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