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Random. Stuff.

October 20th, 2007 at 04:05 pm

Socks at Gap. Or trouser socks? Sale. $1.99 each, usually 3 for 14.99.

Nothing much really. I haven't been out in a while. Exams, PSATS, scholarships, projects, work. Hn. Nope, really nothing else that motivates me at the moment.

I'm thinking of getting a tablet pc. not sure if I want to. I'm also thinking of opening my own business in webdesigning or sewing. In fact I was emailing a lady about needles. Yes, of all the things to talk on Ebay about - Sewing needles. For the past three weeks.

On Ebay, everything is so expensive due to shipping. Not the stuff you buy, but the shipping. What a drag. I was considering an ebay business too, but that won't happen anytime soon.

Rawr! - Paid Surveys

September 13th, 2007 at 04:44 pm

You know how hard it is in school. I guess it's even harder in real life. I'm still a little child compared to some blogs I read. In case people haven't noticed, I'm a high schooler, with a life outside of blogging. I won't blog EVERYDAY, but I will make lengthy blogs to satisfy readers and friends. And thank you to commenters last entry. I feel more welcome and overjoyed =3 !!

I started researching about paid surveys the other day and it kept me up over my bedtime. (Stupid!) But I love researching, it's just my point of interest. And what I found out is that, it's super hard to find a reliable source. I registered at mysurvey but that seemed to be a toughie, so many points for so little money. I mean, I like surveys. I just want to earn something while I'm doing them - as they say - "Time is money." I also looked into the forums which didn't help much either. It was in fact, a disaster. I quote - "Surveys are a waste of your time." Some people don't even bother with them. Those that do pay well don't have many to offer. Such as those $5 ones.

I have found a couple of sites before that DO pay you, but you must pay them first. I mean, what's the point? You pay them and they essentially work the same way as the other guys. I doubt how people are making $1,000 on their first month doing surveys. Pshh. So much for free pocket money.

Then, I tried persuading my mother to verify paypal but she won't give her bank account number up. The bank people won't do anything either since they said it had nothing to do with them. I'm so frustrated though because most buyers won't even credit me since my paypal isn't verified, and THEY ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL! You can tell I have a mad flame of frustration burning into the pits of my patience.

I want to earn money during school because mom is still looking for a job. So I was "interviewed" for a tutoring program.

That pays you to tutor.

And I DOUBT I'll get in because there were juniors and seniors that were much more experienced than me AND applying to the same workplace locations. (I'm a sophmore mind you.) How do I know that? It's because the dude interviewed people in groups. I'm SO frustrated.

I wasted 3 hours, it was agonizing, and I'm just waiting for that rejection email tomorrow. God I hate these types of programs. They should just put in "seniors and juniors only". Excuse my french but WTF. I bet like 50 other people are going to get rejected too. Some have been there until 7:30 P.M. For an interview?? COME ON!

Onto more news, (financially associated.) For Macy's cardholders, there's this card that got sent to you about a special 3 day to use that card, like a $5, $10, $20, or $500 "gift card" type of thing. Well mom got $10. And she got a pair of DKNY shorts with it. So it's basically free. Yeah. I still haven't redeemed my book sox. I need to buy ink. It'll be weird if I keep going there for freebies.

*Sigh* I haven't even wrote in my personal blog. Yes I own two blogs and I will own two sites. =3

Edit/ I got my paycheck from webdesigning. Yay. (3 months overdue) =___="

And I forgot to add in about my Utrecht deal. I'm freelance artist so I LOVE uber good deals. I got my Verithin Color Pencils for around $14 the other day. (Two weeks ago I think.) It was on sale already $21.99, 30% off coupon, original price would be around 25.99. Expensive art pencils. And I got an email today about it in my inbox. Just reminding myself for record keeping.