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September 23rd, 2007 at 03:46 pm

Got that coupon for the Jumbo book sox. Bought ink with Staples rewards(unknown value):

+ 3.99
- 3.99
+ 1.80

I didn't have enough so I had to dig into my pocket for an extra 5 bucks. I thought I didn't have enough. God I hate buying expensive stuff.

Organized my coupons and receipts into my school binder type thing. Now I don't have clutter on my desk. Which I wouldn't even call a desk. It has no space. For anything.

So I got accepted into that mentoring job. Yay. So I'll end up with 500 bucks by the end of the schoolyear if I don't screw up.
Really nice outcome.

I have finished a book on law and planning to do some more homework and reading. I wasted 30 hours or more this weekend. Stupid. You can tell I'm absolutely frustrated. Not alot of my supermarkets like printed coupons. *Cry*

The T-Mobile rebate. That was a pain in the insertwordofchoice. They gave an invalid mailing address to the rebate. So the rebate was sent BACK TO US. That insertedwordofchoice. Badly. We're waiting over $200 worth of rebates. You can tell my mom's pissed. I heard other T-Mobile customers didn't even get their rebate after 8 weeks. They're pulling my leg.

Walgreens trip, will update later.

1 Responses to “Frustrated!”

  1. koppur Says:

    What happened with the T-Mobile rebate? I am sending in one for my new phone. I hope it comes through...

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